Meiho Bucket Mouth

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Meiho Bucket Mouth is the perfect companion to take on your next fishing adventure. This large, durable, plastic box can hold all of your fishing tackle and equipment and even doubles as a seat when you’re waiting for that fish to bite. The Bucket Mouth has a convenient, easy to cary, handle that makes transportation a breeze. This box features two hinges on the lid that allow the lid to be lifted from either side of the box, or to be completely removed if needed. It even has a removable tray that rests inside the box for additional storage!

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  • Size : 475*335*320mm
  • Meiho Bucket Mouth is made with heavy duty material. It can withstand heavy weight. So there is no need to worry that it will crack when weight is applied on it.
  • Cover is able to take off by the W opening (double doors).
  • Tool/Rod holder designed on both sides of the box.
  • Easy to carry .
  • storage capacity of 28 liters
  • Anti-Slip Rubber (prevent it from sliding across the deck when the boat is moving)

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BM-7000 BLACK, BM-7000 BLUE


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